How to Replace a Car Thermostat - air to air heating systems

by:HICOOL     2019-06-27
How to Replace a Car Thermostat  -  air to air heating systems
When the car thermostat is worn out due to excessive use, it needs to be replaced.Check the replacement instructions.Failure of any auto parts, regardless of size, can cause your vehicle to stop suddenly, even in motion.The thermostat is such a small, often overlooked part.
The part is located between the radiator and the engine.It is basically a temperature-controlled engine coolant valve.If this part stops working and causes the engine to overheat and the car cannot move, the cooling system of your car will be affected.
The thermostat controls the flow of coolant to the radiator.When the internal combustion starts, heat is generated inside the cylinder, which is always absorbed by the coolant in the Channel.The role of the thermostat is that the coolant passes only when the engine reaches the usual operating temperature.
Once the process begins, the engine's thermal coolant is taken to the radiator, cooled in the radiator, and within seconds it returns to the engine to absorb more heat.A wrench (open-In addition to this, you must also purchase new thermostat, gasket and gasket sealing materials based on the specific brand and model of the car you have.Cover the radiator cover with a thick bath towel and start turning it when you hear the pressure release.
Once the noise stops, take the lid out completely.You have to find the thermostat now.Look for a black hose that is about 2 inch in size and appears on top of the radiator.It will be fixed on the cover of the engine surface with the help of two bolts on both sides.
Screw down the hose with pliers or screwdriver and remove the clip at the engine.Depending on the car, it can be a clip or a steel clip.Turn the hose at the lid to loosen the hose.
Please note that there will be a quantity of coolant coming out when you remove the hose.Use a wrench to loosen the bolts from both sides of the lid.Open the lid and remove the thermostat.With the help of the scraper, remove the old gasket on the cover.
Take a piece of King Kong sand cloth and wipe away the remaining traces.With the spring mechanism, just put the new thermostat into the engine.Apply gasket sealant to the top.Cover where it touches the engine.Fix the new washer on the cover to align all bolts straight.
You must now change the old cover with the new one.In addition, replace the radiator hose.Start your car engine only when the sealing material is completely dry.Let the engine run for a period of time until the usual operating temperature is reached.
Check the new cover and hose for signs of leakage.In addition, check the coolant level and make a replacement if necessary.The cost of replacing a car thermostat is usually between $100 and $300.
Therefore, the replacement of the thermostat can be easily completed at home.It takes you about an hour and you don't need to spend too much money.Regularly check the faulty parts in the car and replace them if necessary to ensure the best performance and long life of the car.
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