how to stalk elk the smart way - how to make air cooler at home

by:HICOOL     2019-07-16
how to stalk elk the smart way  -  how to make air cooler at home
Elk is a very simple creature with some very basic needs.
They need to eat, drink water, sleep and breed, not necessarily in this order.
One way to increase your chances of harvesting elk is to track hunting.
The smart approach works very well, but it can be a waste of time if it's not done right.
Hunting should study a topographic map first.
At Camp Elk, after dinner, we reserve time to share the lessons we learned from the day's hunting and pre-plan on the map of the area.
Special details, such as food and water, and a suitable cover for elk bedding.
It is very important to take the time to enter the area.
Weather forecast and wind direction are also needed, so you should rely on your smartphone to get this information.
After all the information is sorted out, you can plan your hunting.
Your main goal is to find elk, and if you hunt in places where they eat, drink and be happy, you will increase your chances of seeing elk.
When tracking these areas, pay close attention to the wind.
Usually you will find that the air flow will tilt up as the weather gets warmer.
In the morning, the wind will go down because the air is cool and sinking.
Keep in mind that other conditions may affect the airflow.
A simple rule is to try hunting with the wind on your face so as not to be found.
One of the biggest mistakes hunters make when crossing the Woods is moving too fast.
When I first moved to snow country, the locals told me to drive as if there was an egg between my foot and the accelerator and the brake pedal.
I always remember this suggestion and it was very helpful to me.
So I would say to a hunter who wants to see more elk, go through the woods like a paper sleeve and try not to tear it apart.
Another suggestion is to take the time to stop, rest, and prepare some possible areas for the animals.
What you think is a boulder, probably your loot bull elk.
When you move along the last tip, be sure to break your outline with trees, shrubs or rocks, that is, listen carefully to the surroundings around you.
Crows and squirrels often give elk away when they make a fuss.
Breaking branches or rolling rocks will remind you that the elk is trying to leave you.
Filling in your tab can be rewarded, but it's just exercise if it's done wrong.
Good luck hunting elk next time!
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