major water pollutants and how to stop them - how to make air cooler at home

by:HICOOL     2019-07-15
major water pollutants and how to stop them  -  how to make air cooler at home
This is the process of water pollution such as rivers, lakes, ponds, and oceans.
When contaminants that have not been treated to obtain harmful compounds are reduced to enter the water ecosystem, the effects of water pollution occur naturally.
The consequences of this disaster affect the lives of most forms of life, such as animals (
Including groundwater species)
All types of people and plants.
High levels of water pollution lead to other causes of pollution, such as land pollution, disease transmission and extinction of the entire animal species.
In addition to the most common causes of water pollution mainly caused by human activities, there are absolutely natural processes that lead to changes in water quality and molecular structure.
The substance or leaves of a plant are the reasons for this. called .
This is a process that prevents sunlight from entering plants, making it impossible for them to collect the required resources for the growth process. These oxygen-
The consumption of substances can also cause the fins of some fish to be blocked, resulting in shorter life span.
The presence of this bacteria is usually related to the presence of fecal organisms in the water.
Most coliform bacteria are harmless, but the rest of the pathogens from the warm environment
The quality of feces in blood animals may cause diarrhea in children and adults.
Up to today, about children die every day from water pollution and diarrhea caused by poor waste management and water treatment.
In addition to the natural process of water pollution, human existence and activities so far have the most significant impact on water pollution.
Most of this is due to the increasing number of industrial activities, poor waste management, energy production and non-compliance with regulations.
Pesticides and herbicides for agricultural purposes are one of the other general sources of water pollutants.
In theory, industrial activity is almost 100% safe for the environment.
However, things are a bit different in practice.
Owners of small businesses are unable to respond to government taxes and regulations that lead to routine and other activities that cause water pollution.
Industrial sites that cannot afford modern equipment continue to use outdated technologies and methods of industrial activity that generate a large amount of commercial waste.
If not handled or properly recycled in an eco-friendly manner, groundwater contamination is usually caused.
Since most industrial activities require a large amount of raw materials, operations such as mining need to be carried out on a regular basis.
Unfortunately, these activities result in a large amount of copper, lead and mercury entering the ecosystem and causing water pollution. This is a process that usually occurs due to energy production facilities such as power plants.
These facilities use water resources to cool down power plants and then return the water to the ecosystem where the attributes change.
The water supply used is overheated and the oxygen content is significantly reduced.
This causes the plant to run out of oxygen and may destroy the life of fish that may be attracted by the height of the rising water temperature, especially in the cold season.
Even under a slight change of 1 degree Celsius, the metabolism of organisms in the water is affected.
This destroys the solidification of cell proteins and affects the productivity and longevity of plants and animals.
When the water temperature changes immediately, a thermal shock occurs.
When living organisms are rapidly warming or cooling in this area, life forms cannot adapt to change quickly enough.
Heat shock usually kills many animals immediately or causes unavoidable damage to their body structure.
Nevertheless, water pollution should be studied separately and they are in fact highly relevant and can be seen as a process of some kind of natural interaction.
When the waste is treated on the surface or buried deep in the soil due to the discharge of chemicals and enters the groundwater, the land contamination occurs.
The increasing demand for food resources requires the use of advanced agricultural technology.
Unfortunately, most of them are related to the use of a large number of pesticides.
Sadly, about 95% of the herbicides end up in the surface soil and then go deep into food and water.
The impact of water pollution is various and negative.
Some of them are even considered very dangerous because they cause thousands of deaths every day.
In general, water pollution does not have any unavoidable harmful effects, but some are either too expensive, and the scale of others is very natural and does not lead to any extreme levels of pollution.
Fish, seabirds, marine life and other animals have become victims of toxic waste and water pollution.
Tiny plastic fragments rotated by the ocean in the Pacific Ocean threaten marine life on Earth by winding or poisoning until the painful death ends their suffering.
Animal deaths caused by water pollution are almost human behavior.
Eating contaminated seafood can make you suffer from hepatitis that is hard to cure or even almost impossible to cure.
Due to the lack of clean water resources, cholera and diarrhea cause thousands of deaths in less developed countries every day.
The main reasons for this are uncivilized living, lack of water treatment and lack of financial resources that may somehow provide bottled water to people.
This terrible disease is caused by parasites living in contaminated water.
This physical condition is considered a symptom of infection, mainly due to unclean water and ignorance of basic hygiene.
Human and animal feces are a dangerous water pollutant, and drinking from this water resource is not advisable without first purifying the water.
Studies have shown that one of the nine children died of diarrhea.
While it is easy to treat with proper medical equipment and medication, in less developed countries, symptoms of diarrhea are ignored due to lack of hospital facilities and medical resources.
Efficient domestic garbage disposal can certainly ensure the reduction of the amount of garbage piled up in landfill sites.
In the long run, this may help significantly reduce the level of water contaminants, but only when a considerable proportion of the population on the local ball adopts this approach.
This also satisfies owners and employees when the industry faces the challenge of earning profits, but this is not possible because waste management and other necessary procedures have to pay taxes, some industrial giants are more willing to break the law and commit crimes that cause serious pollution.
One of them is the waste disposal in the river, not the payment to a licensed commercial waste carrier.
Stricter control by local governments can solve this common problem.
This article is purely intended to provide knowledge about the difficulties faced in the process of recycling bins or plastic materials.
Minimize the use of plastic materials to avoid pollution.
People always mistakenly think that the indoor air quality in the house is pure.
There are many reasons that can pollute the indoor air quality in your home without you realizing it.
Therefore, be sure to know the reasons and techniques for natural improvement of air quality.
Air pollution is one of the most dangerous causes of some major diseases known or even unknown.
A person cannot stop himself from dying, but with precautions, he can certainly be vigilant and not be a victim of irreversible health problems caused by air pollution.
Landfill is one of the oldest waste management methods, and it is still used with very active waste, and pollution is a problem that has escalated over the past few decades with the growth of speed.
It sounds like a cliché, but it's right in front of us.
Plastic, as one of the largest pollutants, plays an important role in a larger range --
We can see the plastic waste on the beach, the cost of the ocean, the ocean, the rivers, the forests, the fields, and even the streets around us.
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