more peguis, fisher river first nations homes to get geothermal heating - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
more peguis, fisher river first nations homes to get geothermal heating  -  in a heat pump
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According to Manitoba's new Hydro program, about 850 peduis and Fisher River First homes will use geothermal technology to take advantage of the Earth's thermal energy.
Peguis and Fisher's houses will undergo technical renovations over the next five years, according to a memorandum of understanding signed on Tuesday at a press conference with provincial officials and indigenous leaders.
"Thanks to the vision of their chiefs and parliaments, citizens of these two communities will benefit from lower heating costs and increased employment opportunities for years to come," said Eric Robinson, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs.
Geothermal energy is a cost-
Effective renewable energy especially suitable for electric heating households to reduce costs.
Provide space heating and cooling by using a geothermal heat pump.
These systems, like refrigerators or air conditioners, use heat pumps to transfer heat between the ground and the building.
The deal will bring in more than $13 million in geothermal transformation, saving $17 million in energy.
"This is water and electricity money and it will pay it back by itself," Robinson said in an interview . ".
Under this agreement, the homeowner reimbursed the renovation fee through the monthly utility bill.
"This is such an innovative project, the cost of heating the home with geothermal energy sources.
This is something we are very excited about, and many of these communities are now undergoing transformation.
Burgess and Fisher River are leading the way along the road, "Robinson said.
Thanks to earlier cooperation with Manitoba Hydro and its homeowner for loan purposes, more than 200 households of two Interlake First Nations have been equipped with geothermal energy.
The Manitoba Water and Electricity Minister says projects like this mark a new chapter in the province.
"I'm glad we finally had a chance in our history.
"Alternative energy is the trend for the future," Robinson said.
The deal was signed two years ago.
The day Alternative energy Conference, hosted by social enterprise agency Aki energy, is a catalyst for the Manitoba First Nation sustainable and alternative energy project, including the geothermal program.
"What we are saying is that the work is going so well, and we want to continue to complete each of the two First Nations houses," said Sean Looney, manager of energy business development at Aki . ".
Similar projects are taking place in the long Plains First Nations and Sagkeeng First Nations, each of which is about an hour's drive from Winnipeg, creating jobs for both countries.
"There are many opportunities for the first nation.
There is no economic foundation for the first nation. this is a myth.
They will . "
"Our traditional economy was once centered on local economic activity that was good for the land and people," said David crates, president of the Fisher River Kerry state.
"This is our first step in achieving energy independence.
Crate added that these agreements mean that the staff will increase their experience and allow them to branch out and end up off workreserve in non-
First Nation community.
"Employment and economic development will make our first country a success . "
"We can only succeed if we reduce the funding to leave the community. "alexandra. paul@freepress. mb.
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