neighbour saves man from burning home - evaporative room air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-07-10
neighbour saves man from burning home  -  evaporative room air conditioner
Early this morning, a man found the house next door on fire and was thought to have saved his neighbor's life.
Brian Makins told the 7 News that he was watching outside the window when he saw his neighbor smoking --
Located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, Morphett Vale home is equipped with air conditioning.
"I happened to look in that direction and it was just a fluke," he said, "to see his fawny --
There is an orange air conditioner under the black sky.
"When I looked at it, it lit and rose like a Roman candle, from there it became very bad.
"Mr. markins said he noticed his neighbor's car in the driveway and ran over to see if anyone was at home.
"I didn't tighten my belt until he finally woke up and slammed the door.
"Phil McPeake, Mr Makin's neighbor, said he appreciated waking up this time --
Called because his smoke alarm didn't ring.
"I opened the door and he said to me, 'Your air conditioner is on fire, 'things have gotten worse since then.
"Maybe the only thing I can say is that we have a smoke detector in our house and it might be worth putting them on the roof.
"Because when I got up, the fire in the air conditioner was already very hot, and the alarm system didn't go out until I tried to put out the fire on the roof," he said . ".
Greg Smithson, spokesman for the Metropolitan Fire Department, said that all homeowners with air conditioning had to make sure they were properly served, a warning.
"If someone has an evaporation air conditioner installed on the roof, you hear any sound, or you notice any difference in performance, be sure to turn this off and check it out," he said . ". "In a roof-
Air evaporation device
Cooler fires can spread particularly fast as the unit runs steadily for several hours in a row, "Unfortunately the air conditioning pipes they use are not fire --
The fire will spread.
"As happened last night, the fire spread through the pipeline --
"Work and then go into the various rooms in the house," he said . ".
The fire caused a loss of $150,000.
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