rebirth of the cool - room evaporative air coolers

by:HICOOL     2019-08-06
rebirth of the cool  -  room evaporative air coolers
Is your refrigerator running?
I'm not kidding, am I?
My old fridge provides a constant (and unpleasant)
When we were worried about whether it was more "green" to keep it, we made white noise throughout the house (
Therefore, it will not cause more waste to landfill sites)
Or replace it with more energy. Efficient mode.
The refrigerator made a decision for us because of the sudden death;
Its Energy Star alternative is silent and cuts our electricity bill considerably.
Refrigerators and dishwashers, washing machines and dryers have become more fashionable and practical in recent years, and part of the manufacturer's motivation is to empower the post-90 s legislation to improve energy efficiency by 30%. (
Although there was a TV on the refrigerator door recently, I paused. )
But another energy.
The suction appliance is behind: air conditioning.
There are many options, air conditioning, ceiling fans (
There are a lot of fashion now, including the advanced design team of modern fans
The old-fashioned awning, you may be surprised to find that in a hot climate, it can reduce household cooling energy by 26%, and it can reduce by 33% in a cold climate.
Big companies like Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley went even further, using ice cubes to cool their corporate headquarters, even though the ice cubes were really big. Quaint, no?
But very logical.
And, of course, D. I. Y.
The crowd is patching up in their respective garages to create as annoying but wonderful alternatives as I found on the quirky site instructures.
Com: air conditioning made with an ice cream box of 80-80
Mm fan and 12-
Voltage transformer.
But most of us, as long as temperatures soar and buy the most powerful things we can afford, will travel long distances to Best Buy or Circuit City, rather than changing the course of global warming, people are more concerned about sweating less.
Air conditioning, those bulky, often inefficient creatures, has been briefly attacked in the field of energy-saving appliances: Consumers have always been good --
Understand the costand energy-
Energy efficiency of energy star
Rated dishwasher, dryer and front load washing machine, but as common as central air conditioning, there is a low-spec air conditioner in our collective imagination, just like a cumbersome, dry, and aesthetically pleasing challenge. A more human-
A central design approach has produced some interesting alternatives that often focus on maintaining comfortable temperatures for individuals rather than the whole House (or office).
This method abandons the premise of central air conditioning and instead adopts what is sometimes called "personal climate control.
Whether it's at home, we tend to stay in certain areas for a long time, or at work, temperature control is usually the top five complaints from workers, which makes sense.
DeLonghi offers a near
Pinguino is a compact and portable version designed to cool down only the rooms you occupy.
Herman Miller, a furniture company known for its commitment to reducing energy and waste
Environmental protection materials and sustainable buildings (
Its Michigan headquarters is designed by Green building pioneer William McDonough)
, Provides a smaller device for the work area, which is designed to keep the owner cool or warm depending on the season.
Part of the company is the collection, tiny C2 heating and cooling, but less than 1 is used.
AC current is 5 amps, about 90% less energy than a typical space heater.
The most strange but good Award.
Best for long use
Truck and mental hospital in Yore)
Go to Sleep elves by sun cream.
Sun Frost acknowledges the challenge of cooling in a hot climate and recommends installing a very small air conditioner in a very small area, just like the insulating space around a bed shown here. Great.
You might be cooler, but now you're claustrophobic.
The concept of Sun frost is not fundamentally different from either delonghi Masss or Herman miller mills, although its execution involves a bigger problem: a general lack of innovation. Instead of re-
Imagine what the air conditioner would look like.
Portable things, things in different forms, things that run on alternative energy)
They just take the existing form and narrow it down.
In my opinion, it seems to indicate so much happening now with other big companies
Tickets for families and cars.
For example, lower gas prices do not solve the problem of reduced supply and increased demand for oil.
Home designs that ignore problems such as natural light and ventilation do not help the quality of life, let alone reduce the cost of heating and cooling.
The gas/drive problem requires a huge commitment not only to alternative fuels, but also to alternative behavior (i. e.
Walking, carpooling, public transport);
As for housing, the challenge is huge, but a quick review of local precedents such as encouraging ventilated shotgun rooms and window orientation that encourages passive heating and cooling, will help to point things in the right direction.
What are you waiting?
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Can someone explain to me why we don't tend to see that the air conditioner provides an easy access faucet so that the water generated during the air conditioning process can be recycled for daily use?
This seems to be a simple adjustment to the existing design, but it will help to solve the problem of water shortage.
Imagine if every office building recycled water for the green lawn outside in this way.
For the past five years, the climate-friendly Bangalore commercial building has voted for a full glass facade.
These glass faces may be good for a mild climate, but it does take a very large air conditioner to make the building a hot house.
Even as in the past, there used to be a house with a central open space for cooling, and now there are glass facades and expensive air conditioners.
It's a pity.
"You may be surprised to find that household cooling energy can be reduced by 26% in a hot climate and by 33% in a cold climate ", I would like to see the absolute temperature drop of the ceiling fan 100 to 74 degrees (100-26=74)
In my "hot climate ".
Can we have an accurate definition of "hot climate" and "home cooling?
I'm not saying it's impossible.
I just don't want to sleep in July, and I don't want to wake up in September to make this paragraph of truth work.
Maybe the New York Times needs to have an article about "time management" next to this article?
Since I live in a tropical country but can't accept the heat or humidity, my AC was on for about half a day.
The ideal situation for me is to move to a mild climate, but it is difficult for all countries that occupy the temperate zone to migrate permanently.
Nothing about the swamp cooler (
Excuse me: "evaporation cooler ")?
Yes, I know, on the wet coast, that's not the answer.
But in Colorado, we kept our 1887 old-fashioned house in the middle comfortably.
In their 70 s, combined with a swamp cooler, proper loft ventilation and overall ventilation
House exhaust fan.
This could be the cost of home cooling energy for Joe.
Not your actual temperature.
The hero who said, "Give me the air conditioner or die for me. ”?
As far as I know, a problem with more efficient home air conditioners is that when they improve electrical efficiency by using smaller motors, they are hard to start.
The motor is smaller and uses less electricity, which is very troublesome to start up.
For many years, the business of the after-sales market AC unit start-up kit has been very large and is now growing, which helps the aging AC system motor start-up and also helps to suck the power grid.
This will be a big deal in the coming months and years, as this type of product may be placed in the AC unit of the factory.
So historically, the AC manufacturers use larger motors because they have no problems starting up, and although they can make them smaller, they still run, just don't have the starting torque power.
Electricity is cheap, so no problem.
As far as I know, the communication industry focuses on the design challenges of smaller, more efficient appliances that are launched each time.
I live deep in the South.
Air conditioning is absolutely necessary from June to September or October.
Opening a window with an outdoor temperature much higher than 100 degrees and a high humidity will not make anyone feel comfortable.
We have at least one overhead fan in each room, but there is no air conditioning and the fan is just another name for the convection oven.
My solution is to stop using central air conditioning with very low efficiency and buy window air conditioning with very high efficiency.
They are very noisy and ugly. we can't keep them in front of the House (HOA rules)
But our electricity bill has plummeted.
I also painted the house white to reflect the sun.
This has brought about great changes.
The outer wall used to feel very hot.
They are hardly warm now.
Finally, when the temperature is over 100 degrees, I put the fan in the attic and blow the hot air out.
The attic used to be over 160 degrees.
It's about 110 degrees now.
There are solutions to cool down your house, but you have to adapt and make some compromises.
Due to the use of spray foam insulation, unventilated lofts are now acceptable in many parts of the country.
Highlights on the roof no longer need to introduce ventilation air.
Tubular skylights can bring more light than Windows-windows are no longer necessary due to the use of an energy recovery ventilation system for the entire house.
Put in the solar tube, get rid of the windows and highlights, and build a cheaper and more efficient home.
Please put in the camera if you need to look outside.
The last time my air-conditioning drain was clogged, the mopping showed that each cycle produced about 2 quarts of water.
On a hot day, about 5 gallons of water, you have to pump it into some sort of container in order to save water.
You also need a pump to put it into a pressurized main water pipe ,(
Of course, it will be illegal because of fungi and mold spores, which is not drinkable water! ).
It's worth it if a gallon of water is going to cost a dollar or two, but a gallon of water takes only a few pennies.
Large building air conditioners produce more water, but recycling water requires some kind of energy input unless gravity does all the work.
Again, this is not drinking water and can only be used for irrigation.
For the construction manager, the question is whether the savings in water charges offset the increase in electricity charges.
Demand for cooling has grown significantly in Europe recently and some interesting alternatives have been developed.
You and other readers may be interested.
Popular CHPs (
Central heating equipment
As their energy efficiency becomes a new standard for heating in Europe, it is true in many parts of the world.
However, what is happening now is a combination system of on-demand heating and cooling, which can provide both cooling in the summer and heat in the winter, or install a cooling device, draw energy from the heat wasted in summer.
There is also a combination of heating and cooling air --to-
Air heat pumps that everyone can install, though these will cost you quite a bit of money.
In some countries where the summer is hot and the winter is cold, they become very popular.
They do need economic planning, as you said, and it may not be the strength of ordinary people.
Your statement is that they are completely wrong, but there is no energy saving.
When the SEER value is 13, the energy factor is about 3. 43.
This means that for every 100 watts invested, you get a cooling value of 343 Watts from it-much better than most heat pumps used for heating.
You can buy an air conditioner with this factor, although the cost is ridiculously high.
However, I question the point of view of this article.
What are you waiting? -
> Let you make a point. Good article.
The basic law of thermodynamics is always easier to heat than cooling.
However, it is necessary to achieve incredible efficiency gains.
Plus a couple of ceiling fans and some sun-blocking blinds, I 've reduced my cooling needs by nearly three.
It's in the warm Middlesouth climate.
After many urging, my employer finally realized that there was no need for 68 work areas for the whole year.
@ 3-the benefits of the ceiling fan are not well explained.
They make your existing communication more efficient by circulating air;
The breeze they produce will have a cooling effect (
Similar to cold wind).
In addition, they consume much less energy than any AC device. Joe, 3.
You made the wrong statement.
Ceiling fans and other traditional cooling devices, such as awnings, could reduce household cooling energy by 33%, the reporter said.
This means energy consumption rather than actual temperature.
The use of these devices with air conditioners will result in consumers using less energy to achieve the same desired temperature.
The accuracy of writing is as valuable as the reader's waking level.
If the people in the office building only work naked, then it doesn't need to be so cool.
Greatly improving efficiency (overall)
This is possible if steam absorption refrigeration is used instead of steam compression.
The steam absorption separates the two by heating the water and ammonia mixture, so it is possible to use the stray heat source effectively (
Otherwise it will be wasted anyway).
From computers to network equipment, almost all office equipment will dissipate heat.
If we can use this part of the heat to cool the building, it will save a lot of energy.
In countries or communities where electricity supply is unstable and people use diesel
Heat from a generator (
Usually twice the energy equivalent generated)
Can be developed for this purpose.
Thomas, are you talking about what we call a "heat pump?
The SEER of 13 is a bit low, the SEER heat pump of 15-19 is available, and when combined with the AFUE furnace of 96%, the cost of providing heating and cooling can be greatly reduced.
Of course, you have to build efficient insulation, natural shading/airflow, etc.
In fact, according to today's central aviation standards, the SEER 13 is inefficient.
As early as 2003, I launched the new SEER 15 because the price of SEER 16 has risen too much.
I think either the efficiency is too low or it is about to become so and no longer available (
At least in Austin).
For energy efficiency and recycling, check out City Hall in Austin, Texas.
The whole building is energy.
Make full use of solar panels to generate electricity and recycle air conditioning condensate, providing water "free" in decorative fountains, among other things.
Just buy 100% green energy for a power company.
Look, you can keep the air conditioner without carbon emissions.
Ask people to give up basic comfort and you will never find a real green solution. Another low-
The technical option that works for my parents is to plant plants on the side of your home.
In their case, it was Kiwi.
Their wide leaves provide plenty of shade in the summer to keep the house cool.
The reward is that you can also get Kiwi!
I realize that this doesn't work in every climate (
They live in Northern California)
But I firmly believe that any solution to the air conditioning problem or the price of oil will not be a global solution-just as the climate in different regions is different and the solution is different.
I used to live in a farmhouse in southern Indiana in 1840s.
There are still several similar houses in use in the area and I note that many of them are not necessarily facing the road.
No matter where the road is, they are facing the South. The front (south face)
There is a whole window in each house, under the sunshine of two floors (
Obviously it's more about heating than cooling);
There is a small window to the north to illuminate the stairwell on the original solid brick facade.
Look at caves inhabited by prehistoric humans.
In the northern hemisphere, they will always be on the north side of the valley, where they can bask in the sun.
We become smarter, we become more stupid.
From the depths of the South to Ed: do you keep the sun out (or low)
Opaque curtains for the day or (better yet)shutters?
Blocking the sun in the brightest time will be of great help.
Ed, you can't live more in the South than I do. Central Florida)
We don't have air conditioning or air conditioning.
With prolonged exposure to ambient temperature and humidity, guess what? you acclimate.
Next time you go out and feel moisture on your skin, don't panic --
You're just sweating.
This should happen and it will calm you down.
By the way, I am not a farmer;
I'm a sports reporter.
I spent most of my time at the United Nations.
There is an air-conditioned gym and sports ground.
I hate going to my cold storage office because it's hot-
I'm not cold. acclimated.
A sweater and jeans are needed to visit a public building or most people's house.
Seriously, guys, get out of it.
It's not that hot outside, it would be better if you all stopped smoking your hot house everywhere.
Take this damn sidewalk.
Will you plant a tree?
Allison Arieff has written articles on architecture and design for the New York Times and many other publications, including the MIT technical review and Atlantic City.
She's the former editor-in-chief of Dwell magazine.
Author of prefabrication and trailer travel: visual history of mobile America.
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Even if we disguise their identity, we risk betraying them.
Read more . . . . . . After reading so many hateful messages, I began to feel sick.
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