the best split system air conditioners on the market - evaporative room air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-07-07
the best split system air conditioners on the market  -  evaporative room air conditioner
The most common type of air conditioning system is the split system, which puts the air processor at home and the condenser and compressor outside.
For decades, the technology used for these systems has not changed dramatically, and the products produced by different manufacturers are basically the same.
So when you buy an air conditioner, consider the efficiency indicated by SEER, manufacturer reputation and reliability, unit size, any government kickbacks and contractor expertise.
Ordinary people who buy new air conditioners usually think that the most efficient air conditioners are obviously the best.
This is not always the case, however.
Highly efficient air conditioners cost $1,000 more than standard air conditioners, but save little fuel and money.
You may never break even at the extra cost.
SEER is an efficiency class that compares the amount of energy needed to produce a cooling effect.
You can calculate it by dividing BTUs by the wattage consumed.
The higher the quantity, the higher the efficiency of the air conditioner.
Minimum SEER rating allowed in USS. is a 13.
Where is the best place to buy split air conditioning is from trusted HVAC (
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning)contractor.
A lot of people use a particular brand of equipment, but some have installed several different brands.
Ensure that the contractor is certified to install the brand of your choice.
For example, the cheap Goodman unit (
Including Goodman Janitrol, Amana)
The repair rate is high, but the certification of the installer is not required.
The problem is often related to the wrong installation rather than the product.
Trane and Bryant are well known names, but GE and Westinghouse produce similar products and may be actively priced or provide a good guarantee for competition.
Standard split air conditioning (
SEER rating between 13 and 15)
, You can expect to pay about $3,000 for the device.
Special installations or plumbing may add another $3,000.
Higher cost for systems with larger capacity.
Split System Heat Pump Installed (
Air conditioning and heating)
The price of standard SEER is about $5,500.
Efficient air conditioning between 16-18 SEER usually turns on $500 more and is extremely efficient (19 to 23 SEER)
It will add about $500 to the final cost.
Many experts believe that the extra cost of super-efficiency is not rewarding.
Comparison shopping make sure your contractor uses the "manual J" calculation when calculating the size of the air conditioning equipment you need in your home.
If you want to have the "best" then you may want an ultra-efficient air conditioner.
Otherwise, standard or high efficiency is enough.
Accessories usually purchased for split systems are extended warranty for equipment or services.
Depending on how long you intend to stay at home, a service contract may be a good idea, but don't buy without comparing costs.
Discount repairs can save you money.
Look for air conditioning warranty covering the labor involved in the repair.
Not a lot, but you can find it.
This could be a huge savings.
The standard warranty is ten years of compressor and five years of all other components, excluding labor costs.
Some installers will give you labor security for one year;
Go shopping before you buy it.
When it comes to air conditioning, the insider disagrees with the saying that "the bigger the better.
The most cost-effective size
Effective and comfortable for your home.
Unscrupulous contractors will sell oversized units at the expense of homeowners in the initial and full life cycle of the system.
They are inefficient and often cycle intermittently.
In very hot weather, a system of the right size will start up most of the time.
Avoid calling the biggest contractor in town-
The name identification fee is paid by you.
Ask friends for a reference and you will often find small contractors that are reliable and fair.
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