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Host: Good evening.
Tonight, President Obama and about 26,000 people inside and outside the University of Arizona McKale Center gathered in Tucson to honor the victims of Saturday's mass shooting in the city.
If the first four days after the crime felt like they were under the control of the suspect in the case, who he was, what prompted him to carry out the attack, and if that was the feeling of the first four days, today, on the fifth day, the whole country turned to the victims.
As we mentioned, President Obama is leading mourners in Tucson tonight.
The city lost six of its own, a 9-year-
It includes an old girl and a federal judge.
Throughout the day today, outside the arena, students and thousands of others waited for hours, waiting for the opportunity to enter the service tonight, waiting for the opportunity to show their respect.
The line stretches for several blocks.
First Lady, House Minority Party Leader Nancy Pelosi and members of the Arizona congressional delegation accompanied the president to Tucson.
It is reported that John Boehner, the new Speaker of the House, also won the Air Force One seat to participate in the event. Mr.
Boehner stayed in Washington.
He did not attend the ceremony tonight.
The newspaper Roll Call reported that Speaker Boehner stayed to hold a cocktail party for the Republican National Committee.
An assistant to the spokesman said the party was held at the same time as Tucson's event.
Boehner plans to leave the party before the president starts speaking tonight.
Today is the day for Speaker John Boehner to debate Republican efforts to abolish health care reform.
Instead, members of the House passed a resolution honoring their colleague Gabrielle GIF Fords.
Women members of Congress from Tucson held community outreach at the scene of Saturday's attack.
Member Gifford is still in hospital, of course.
Her doctors say they are optimistic about her chances of survival.
The president left his prepared speech in his speech tonight to give news on some dramatic progress made in the medical rehabilitation of Gabrielle gif.
We will hear that voice for you in a moment.
Tonight, the University of Arizona welcomed the game with almost ecstatic applause.
In Tucson this afternoon, President Obama and the first lady visited Congresswoman Gifford and other injured survivors at the University Medical Center.
Then the service tonight.
The service tonight reflects the fact that it happened in a sports arena in the cheering crowd.
But to be honest, it also played nearly a thousand
Strongly support the group.
Many people are hugging when they go in.
Tonight's "Evening News" interviewed the people in line and then they went in.
People talk about the need to engage in emotional catharsis with other people who feel the same as they do.
Whenever survivors or their families arrive, there will be a lot of cheers in the crowd tonight.
Former Arizona governor, secretary of homeland security natantano, you can see her sitting here with astronaut Mark Kelly.
Of course, astronaut Mark Kelly is the husband of Congressman Gifford.
When Captain Kelly arrived, the president hugged him.
Tonight at the event, on the other side of the President, the man sitting next to him is 20-year-old Daniel Hernández. year-
The old intern at the member's office at Gifford, ran to the gunshots and then made the member an important first assistant until the paramedics arrived.
He may have saved the lives of Congressman Gifford.
The other side of the president isMr.
On the other side of herndez, sorry, it was former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, a native of Arizona of course and a former Arizona MP.
When Daniel Hernández was recognized tonight, he was warmly applauded by the crowd, including political dignitaries. (
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Little Daniel Hernández, REP.
Intern at gif Fords: While I appreciate the sentiment, I have to humbly refuse to use the word hero because I am not a hero.
The hero was Pam Simon, Congressman Gabriel Gifford, Gaby Zimmerman and others, unfortunately we lost them that day, first reaction
Rhine did a great job of making sure Gabby was okay.
Those injured are being treated as much as we can. (
Cheers and applause)(END VIDEO CLIP)MADDOW: As Mr.
Herndez rejected the hero's coat, and everyone in the arena seemed to have refused to politicize the incident.
It is extraordinary for a memorial service. I think off-
It was shown to some at first, but it eventually became a more prominent feature of the event.
I think it's emotional.
The crowd cheered loudly, not just the survivors and their families and the arrival of dignitaries, but the crowd cheered loudly and mentioned the Mexican heritage of the Native American professor you saw here, he led the blessing at the beginning of the service.
They cheered for it.
They also cheered the Arizona governor, Brewer, January, and of course he was critical of the-
SB-immigration law
1070, she signed the agreement as governor.
Of course, Governor Brewer himself has been strongly critical.
She even fought President Obama on political issues, including the immigration bill.
Tonight, Governor Brewer expressed his gratitude and recognition to the President for attending the event, and he was very generous.
On January, President Brewer and President Obama, after the tragedy, were nothing more like the united front in providing leadership and comfort.
Like I said, sometimes, especially at the beginning, I think the cheering people
The sound of cheering was almost disturbing as it was a memorial.
But once you realize that this is going to happen, in the end I think the person who cheers --
At least for me, almost as touching as the calm and melancholy words said on the podium --
Of course, including President Obama's words, here is a description of the exact situation in which a gunman's bullet was interrupted and taken away on Saturday morning. (
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President barack obama: On Saturday morning, Gabby, her staff and many of her voters gathered outside the supermarket to exercise their right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. (
Cheers and applause)
Obama: they have achieved the core purpose of our founder's democracy and vision --
The People's Representative answers questions from their constituents in order to bring their concerns back to the capital of our country.
Gabby calls it "Congress around you"
Just an updated version of the government and the people.
This is the typical American scene, which was shattered by the Gunners bullet. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: The president gave a detailed description of every victim today.
We heard from the White House that this could be the way the president spoke, he had a detailed personal conversation with the families of the victims, and we may expect the President to convey some personal details in this service tonight
On this day, the service is to honor these victims and, of course, to honor the families they left behind. (
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Obama: then 9-year-
Old Kristina Taylor Green
Christina is a student.
She's a dancer.
She is a gymnast.
She is a swimmer.
She decided to be the first woman to compete in the big league.
As the only girl in her small league team, no one put it by her side. (
Cheers and applause)
Obama: For a girl as big as her, she shows an unusual appreciation for life.
She will remind her mother that we are so happy.
We have the best life.
She will return the blessings by attending a charity that will help those less fortunate children.
Their sudden departure broke our hearts. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: arguably the most touching moment was the happy moment when the president left his speech, and the president described the scene today in the room of the congresswoman giffords hospital.
Again, this is not in his speech, but the reaction tells you how important it is to hear this news that has never been heard before. (
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Obama: We are filled with hope, thanks to the 13 Am Eriksson people who survived the shooting, including many of them who went to see women on Saturday.
I just came from the University Medical Center, just a mile from here, where our friend Gabby bravely fought to recover, even as we spoke.
I want to tell you that her husband Mark is here and he allows me to share this with you.
Just after we went to visit, just a few minutes after we left her room, some of her congressional colleagues were in the room, and Gabby opened her eyes for the first time. (
Cheers and applause)
Obama: Gabby opens his eyes for the first time. (
Cheers and applause)
Obama: Gabby opened his eyes. (
Cheers and applause)
I can tell you that she knows that we are here and that she knows that we love her and that she knows that there is no doubt that it will be a difficult journey and that we are supporting her.
We are by her side. (
Cheers and applause)
MADDOW: in fact, the president posted a message there, and progress has been made in the recovery of Congressman Gifford.
These words are different from the statements he prepared in advance.
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand later confirmed that she was in the room with the leader, Nancy Pelosi, and Congressman Debbie Wasserman --Schultz.
It was during their visit that Gabby and the husband of Congressman GIF Fords opened their eyes for the first time.
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand mentioned this again.
The crowd at tonight's event stood up again and again, and the president picked out heroes from the tragedy, all of whom stood up that day. He told Mr.
Mr. Hernández, no matter how much.
Herndez says he doesn't want to be considered a hero, he will be considered a hero.
The president said tonight that the national dialogue has begun.
Not only did he talk about the motives behind these killings, but also about the fact that from the merits of the gun safety law to the adequacy of our mental health system, the president decided not to weigh --
The merits of these debates, at least not tonight, are not in this case.
But he thinks the debate itself is an important part of our self-exercise. government.
Of course, the NPC is talking more about not just policy, not just politics, but how we debate these issues.
How we speak, how we debate, how we fight politically, and whether the tone of our debate is wrong.
Is it related to such violence?
The president added in the debate tonight:
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Obama: As our discussions become so polarized.
When we are too anxious to blame all the things that bother the world on those who happen to think differently from us, for us, it is important to pause for a while and make sure that we talk in a way that is healing rather than a wound. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
MoDo: The president also said tonight that what we can't do is to open up the tragedy as one opportunity after another.
When we discuss these issues, let each of us do it with humility.
He said, "if, as discussed in recent days, their deaths bring more civilization to our public discussions, let us remember, this tragedy was not caused by the lack of civilization, but because only more civilized and honest public words can help us face our challenges as a nation in a way that makes them proud.
"We will be back with Chris jensin outside the memorial. (
Business break)(
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Obama: We may not be able to stop all evil in the world.
But I know how we treat each other, it's all up to us. (
Cheers and applause)
I think, despite all the imperfections we have, we are all full of dignity and kindness.
The forces that divide us are not as strong as those that unite us. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Chris Jansing is at the McKale Memorial Center on the University of Arizona campus.
She joined us from there tonight.
Chris, thank you very much for joining us.
Can you tell us the scene tonight, the crowd and how it feels there?
MSNBC reporter Chris Jannin: Rachel, what impressed me was that the tone of the memorial was very much like what I felt in Tucson for the last five days;
This is a sad and hopeful community.
Obviously, it is understandable that they were destroyed by the violence that took place here.
They're asking, why?
This is a question that may never be answered.
But let the president say what he said.
Having Janet Napolitano as a Supreme Court judge is in many ways a recognition of the depth and breadth of the country's understanding of how they feel here.
But you also mentioned cheering and standing ovation.
That's the moment of hope when the president surprised everyone and said Gabby GIF Fords had opened their eyes.
You see the first lady hug her husband and at that moment everyone here wants to believe that things will get better.
For this community, nearly 26,000 people inside and outside the McKale Center also have the opportunity to recognize their heroes, even if they don't want to be called heroes.
Daniel herndez, Patricia Messe, got together and said "thank you" in a way they have not been able to do so far ".
You know, there will be more tears here.
The funeral starts tomorrow.
But there is an editorial in the local newspaper.
They spoke to President Obama.
At the beginning, "despite the tragedy, this is a good town.
"I think tonight's commemoration is an opportunity for this community to affirm this --Rachel.
MADDOW: Chris, I know you 've been in Tucson since the day of the shooting.
I know you arrived on Saturday.
When you talk to people who live in Tucson about what will happen next and accept the gravity of this tragedy there --
Is the memorial service itself a useful catharsis?
At this point, everything that is imposed on the timeline is artificially imposed. There‘s no—
First, there will be no other events as serious as the one that caused this tragedy. But has this—
When people are thinking about how to get to the next stage, is this memorial a real focus of community attention?
You know, Rachel, the word "end" is interesting.
I do not know that when such a devastating event occurs, I will use it in this case or in any other case.
But I had the opportunity to speak to Frank Keating today, the governor of the city of orkama, when they had a devastating bombing of the Mora building.
He said something that I also heard from people here, and at this stage there is always a chance when people have community awareness.
When they feel that they are not alone, their city is with them, their country is with them, and they can at least start looking for something good from it.
Now, as much as I 've heard, they may disagree about what this might be
Many of the people I 've talked about hope this will lead to more civilized discussions.
This may not lead to any agreement on issues such as gun control.
But I do think this is an important first step in understanding what is happening here.
There are so many people who support their ideas.
To one person, I will tell you, Rachel, I have spoken to all the people we call heroes, and I have spoken to the victims, I have spoken to ordinary people who are sad about it, and they say they feel the support of the American people.
This is what the country is really good.
So, in that sense, I think what happened here tonight is very important.
If it's closed, if it's the word you want to use.
MADDOW: this is one of the most exciting things I 've heard tonight, on a very exciting night.
Chris Jansing, host of "Jansing & Company", will continue reporting from Tucson starting at 10: 00. m.
Eastern Time tomorrow
Chris, thank you so much for covering this for us.
I really appreciate it.
JANSING: Thank you.
The mccalais Center in Tucson is usually the venue for the University of Arizona basketball game.
Thousands attended a large memorial service tonight.
There are more than 13,000 people in the arena, more than 13,000 people present for the event, and those who are unable to enter are placed in an overflow venue.
Our friend Pastor Welton Gaddy joined our lives as we continued reporting. (
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Obama: I hope our democracy is as good as Kristina thinks.
I hope America is as good as she thinks.
All of us, we should do what we can to make sure that this country does not live up to the expectations of our children! (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
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Obama: We can't use this tragedy again to blame each other.
If this tragedy triggers due reflection and debate, let's make sure it's worth it for the people we 've lost. (APPLAUSE)
Obama: Let's make sure it's not on the usual political and point of view --
The scores and trivialities that gradually disappear in the next news cycle. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: of course, an incident like the Arizona shooting was first and foremost an emergency.
Crime must be stopped, the killers must be subdued and arrested, and the victims must be saved.
Next, for those victims and their families, it was a tragedy for the survivors.
There's a reason these faces have become so --
We all know that the current House member, Gifford.
We respect those who have experienced it all and those who have not.
We salute those present and those who commit crimes directly.
Today, the House passed a resolution condemning the tragedy and paying tribute to the victims, and, of course, at the memorial service tonight, and the memorial service you just saw in Tucson.
Today is the day to commemorate the survivors and the victims.
But for those of us who are fortunate enough not to be directly affected by Tucson, emergencies and tragedies like this have become a test.
Especially for public figures, this is a test of whether they can lift their eyes from their feet until the horizon --
From the big picture, can they see the political prospects of the past.
Can they ignore who is politically up and down, instead leading the country and helping the country, by reconnecting us to sources of power that we can all call, to win their position in the public --
Our shared values are the pillars of democracy that we uphold in difficult times. This is a test.
This is a difficult test.
Now we are joined by Pastor Welton Gady;
He is the pastor of the North Minster Baptist Church in Monroe City, Anna.
He is in charge of the inter-religious union.
He is the one we talk about leadership and responsibility over and over again on this show, especially in times of crisis.
Wilton, thank you.
Thank you again for your time tonight. REV.
President, Wilton Gady.
Inter-Religious Union: Thanks Rachel.
It's a pleasure to be with you.
MADDOW: What is the most important purpose of a monument like this?
Has President Obama helped make that happen tonight?
I think President Obama's words are the best.
When he played, he really played.
His speech is very personal and sometimes almost individual.
Also President;
It is full of reason and emotion in the proper balance.
He talked about the past and the future.
He comforted his family.
He also tried to address the country.
I think he is very strong between the lines and between the lines.
What he said is important.
What he said may even be more important.
Comfort is important in such an era.
He comforted the people, as Isaiah had commanded.
But, Rachel, there's a difference between comfort and healing.
The comfort is coming tonight.
What is between the lines is related to treatment.
The treatment process is not a simple one either.
It is full of pain.
It is full of difficulties.
You need a spear to cook.
You have to treat the wound.
It's hard. you have to take medicine.
Your patient said, look, I don't want to do this anymore.
But you have to do that, and that requires discipline.
I think the president comforted by putting his hand on the shoulders of these people and the American people and saying, I'm going with you, but comfort is the beginning of the process, not the end.
'We don't blame each other, 'he said.
Yes, but we have to help each other.
When we talk to each other, talk to each other honestlyIt's not easy.
Today is much easier than before last Saturday.
So I think he's doing the right thing tonight.
It is still open for more discussion.
I particularly want to know the difference between comfort and healing at this point, healing usually means some discipline and some difficult things. I wonder if—
When the president said: "Our task is to work together and keep expanding our focus so that we can leave the American dream to future generations.
Expand the scope of attention-
Could you please tell me your explanation of the idea?
I think, it could be said that this is probably a political thing that the president said tonight, and I think it's a very-
This is a rather profound political statement.
Yeah, I'm not going to say I can explain what the president means, but I think that's part of it, let's focus on the bigger horizon, look at more people than we have been listening.
In other words, let's jump out of our single problem, focus and advocacy.
Let's go beyond a political ideology and see if there's anything we can learn from others.
If we are going to talk to others, let us both listen to them and talk to them. I think it was—
Let's take a narrow look at the overall situation of this government.
Mado: Pastor Welton Gady is the head of the inter-faith Union and the minister of his own Baptist Church in the state of Luis Anna --
Welton, as always, thank you very much for joining us.
Rachel, can I say one more thing to you? MADDOW: Please.
I think the great symbol-
The biggest sign of the evening was not on the podium, but said Gabby opened his eyes.
What I think is
Given what she's going through, maybe we can do it too if she opens her eyes.
Pastor Walton Gady, as always, thank you, sir.
You are welcome.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor, former vice presidential candidate, is now a Fox News commentator and has been mentioned frequently since news of the Arizona shooting on Saturday.
Critics point out that,
At least specifically, Palin.
They picked out her passion for guns.
The comments and her political action committee used cross-stars on the map to target congressional constituencies in the last election.
One of the Cross stars is in the Eighth Congressional District of Arizona, Gabriel Gifford.
Sarah Palin is not the only one to symbolise political goals with a bulleye or a cross-star.
She is certainly not the only one who is often mentioned in her words.
There is no conclusive evidence that the accused Arizona gunman was even affected by any mainstream political rhetoric, not to mention a criminal motive. Ms.
Palin released today.
Minute professionally produced videos on her own Facebook page and made her own statement about the Arizona shooting.
Palin's statement has two main points that offset each other.
First of all, I very much agree with her that, in fact, she does not think that the heated debate itself is a problem.
This uncivilized is not always constructive, but it is not worthless.
This shows that we can even resolve strong differences. even if we hate each other's political courage, we can solve problems through language and through political process. (
Start Video Editing)
Palin®Former Alaska governor: our most cherished tradition is a heated and heated open debate during the election.
After the election, we shook hands and started working.
The two sides often find common ground in Washington. C. and elsewhere.
If you don't like the vision of a person for the country, you are free to discuss it.
If you don't like their ideas, you are free to come up with better ideas.
Public discussion and debate are not signs of crisis, but our enduring strength.
This is part of why America is different. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: The second point of the Lady
Palin went beyond that and weakened that.
When she condemned criticism of herself, as well as her own political rhetoric and political fantasies. (
Start Video Editing)
Palin: especially in the hours of the tragedy, journalists and experts should not create a bloody slander that will only incite hatred and violence they claim to condemn.
This is to be condemned. (END VIDEO CLIP)MADDOW: Ms.
Palin sees her vibrant criticism of others as a sign of healthy democracy, but other people's vibrant criticism of her is a call for violence.
You know, sometimes it's okay to admit you're wrong.
At such a moment, this is part of the rise to this occasion.
I don't want to do too many things.
I think Sarah Palin wants to be likened to President Obama, which is why she posted her video statement the same day he went to Tucson tonight for a memorial service.
But it should be on the record that if the lady
Palin is not embarrassed, and if she has no regrets, doesn't think she has anything to apologize for in any gun reference or the closely watched Cross-star map --
If she really thinks anyone thinks that it should be condemned to link the gun violence implied on the map to what happened on Saturday, then why MS
Hours after filming, Palin took the map off her website?
Also, it is documented that "bloody slander" is not a generic term.
It's not a tough and vivid expression, don't say those mean words to me.
Bloody slander is a specific historical event.
But maybe the less you say, the better.
From a political point of view, a significant shift in today's events is
Palin's statement was somehow replaced by another conservative Republican politician, who is not a national figure, who was defeated in the election and is considered to have no national influence,, they used Facebook to post the same type of defense and anger statement at the same location.
This is another way of saying that it is inconsistent with her record in a very important way.
Sharron Angle's name has been in the news since the shooting on Saturday --
Not because of her words, analogies, unfortunate metaphors or graphic choices, not even because she is an important politician heading towards 2012.
The name of Sharron Angle was specifically repeatedly cited because she explicitly repeatedly cited what she called a Second Amendment remedy in the Senate campaign against Harry Reid.
In that campaign, she said, the quote was "a little uneasy and worrying that the sporting goods store was unable to store ammunition.
This tells me that the country is armed.
What are they arming if they are not so distrustful of their government?
They are worried that they will have to fight for freedom in a more Second Amendment?
Sharron point mentioned this many times.
She is not an exaggeration.
Her "Second Amendment remedy" is literal.
She's talking about real guns, not metaphorical firepower.
She shared an analysis on a conservative talk show and two Nevada newspapers that if the Conservatives didn't get what they wanted from the election, they should turn to guns to get what they want.
She was not lobbying for the prospect, saying it was a good thing, but she repeated it over and over again.
Again, this is not rhetoric.
Too exaggerated.
It's actually about guns.
In her statement today, like Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle angrily attacked anyone who dared to link her political record to the shooting in Nevada.
Quoting her, she said, "it is both dangerous and ignorant to expand the context of the attack to accuse and violate the constitutional freedom of the people.
Commentators and elected officials irresponsibly blame me, Sarah Palin, or the Tea Party movement, which puts all those who come together to correct their grievances at risk.
I have been calling for a sound political dialogue on policy issues to encourage civic political education and debate.
Improperly blaming the realization of the political agenda for the responsibility of the single tragedy is contrary to the words of citizens, which is the media strategy that I refuse to belong.
"Of course, Sharron is right, and anything in her political career has no obvious connection to Tucson's killing.
But like Sarah Palin, there's a big headline --
It's worth disconnecting between today's angry statement and this thing in the record.
When you still refuse to explain and explain what you call a Second Amendment remedy, you cannot deny that there is any connection between politics and violence, the Conservatives have threatened to say, if they don't get what they want from the election, they turn to guns to get what they want.
Again, Sarah Palin wanted to argue that no one with a normal head would link the map she posted to the shooting.
But the fact that we can't explain is
As soon as the shooting happened, Palin took the map.
So she connected the two.
Sharron Angle's statement angrily condemned anyone's idea of linking her to the shooting, saying that all those who gathered together to correct their grievances were at risk, questioning her political record in the shooting.
Well, she still never explained what she meant by threatening to pick up a gun if the election didn't go your way.
It's okay to admit you're wrong.
As I said, cases like this are part of the rise to this occasion.
Now we're joined by the Pulitzer Prize, Eugene Robinson.
The award-winning columnist for The Washington Post and, of course, the MSNBC analyst.
Gene, thank you so much for coming tonight.
Eugene Robinson, political analyst at MSNBC: nice to be here, Rachel.
MADDOW: Gene, for politicians who have been criticized for their violent remarks after these shootings, what will this occasion look like?
As far as we know, there is no direct link between anyone's violent remarks and these shootings.
Given the criticism they received, how can they stand up?
As far as I know, Rachel, they have two options.
First, they said nothing.
I mean, maybe Sarah Palin didn't release 7-
Minutes Facebook, pro-
The video was produced on the day President Obama attended the memorial service, and Sharron Angle did not have to venture into social networks.
They could have been silent.
If they do not want to do so, then what is to be done is to speak in the same wording as President Obama, Speaker Boehner said, and since the tragedy, other prestigious politicians have been talking about finding common ground, do not agree in a situation that is not offensive.
I agree with you that Sarah Palin is actually right when she says that a heated debate is a good thing. And you can‘t—
You don't have to whisper when you disagree with American politics.
But say it, it's good, and then start doing this right away, you know, not only is "bloody slander" weird, but I think it's a real mistake and prove it --
I think it's kind of telling people that no matter how you see her politics, she's really not ready for prime time yet.
You don't deal with a day like today.
MADDOW: Gene, after a five-day debate on whether political rhetoric is related to this crime in Tucson, did we approach an idea --
Is there a line worth not crossing?
Even if you are legally capable of doing this, even if it is sometimes appropriate to use exclamation marks and enter all capital letters in our political struggle, is there some irresponsible field of speech?
After this, people may feel uncomfortable with them. Is there anything good about this?
Oh, I think so.
I think the line has changed.
Now, this line can move back over time.
But I think there are a lot of these guns in the foreseeable future.
Relevant figures and figures are absolutely unacceptable. And it‘s not—
It is considered inappropriate. I think—
I think everyone received this message with a few possible exceptions.
It would be interesting if Sarah Palin basically proved the spirit of what she did today, that is, you know, we're going to have a heated debate, by the way, how dare you suggest anything bad about my cross-star map?
So, logically, will she put another one with more cross-lines next time?
Or will she adopt some language from Sharron Angle about the Second Amendment solution?
You know, or her.
Or will it be based on a calm mind?
I don't know what will happen.
Eugene Robinson, the Pulitzer Prize-
Award-winning columnist for Washington Post and MSNBC analysts
It's great to have you here tonight, Gene. Thanks a lot.
Nice to be here, Rachel.
O'Donnell: discussing the "last word" with Lawrence O'Donnell tonight, the Arizona memorial will have more content, including the analysis of NBC's Tom brokau.
In this show, Chris Hayes and I discuss the issue of gun violence, the issue of gun violence, and whether some politicians have the will to stand, and whether others have brass against gun violence, what can the government do. (
Business break)
MADDOW: at 8: 44 Last Night, The Hill newspaper published an article about the fate of the new gun control legislation in Congress after the shooting on Saturday.
Earlier in the day, New York Republican Congressman Peter King announced his intention to pass legislation banning anyone from carrying guns within thousands of feet of federal officials.
At 8: 44 Last night, Hill reported how the Republican leadership in the House accepted the news.
Quoting this sentence, "the congressman Conto's office said that the majority leader retained the judgment until the bill was finalized. Quote, ‘Mr.
Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring said in an email that Cantor believes it is appropriate to properly review and actually read the legislation before forming an opinion on the legislationmail.
Congressman Conto reserves the judgment and wants to read the legislation before it is raised or before it is opposed. That was Mr.
Conto's spokesman at 8: 44 Last Night
14 hours later, at 11: 18 today, the New York Daily News quoted the same person, "Brad dyselin," telling the Daily News on behalf of the spokesperson, majority leaders oppose the proposed legislation.
Quoting this sentence, "it is impossible for this proposal to stop this tragedy. ‘”Ta-da!
In 14 hours, the second one
The House Republican rankings begin publicly.
I have an idea for this legislation and would like to read it to be totally against it.
Remember, sir.
The King's legislation is to create a 1,000-
All members of Congress and other federal officials are surrounded by down-to-earth legal forces that prevent anyone from holding a gun 1,000 feet close to them in daily affairs. Anybody else—
You are alone.
In response to the tragedy, the idea of Peter King was to take the gun 1,000 feet away from Peter King, which the Republican leadership opposed.
But New York Democratic congressman Carolyn McCarthy will soon launch a different, fully enforceable, very narrow gun control clause.
This is a simple amendment to the law that was allowed to expire in the past. When George W.
During his campaign, Bush said he would extend the ban on offensive weapons.
When he was president, he broke the promise.
He let it expire.
As part of getting it to expire, he also lets expire specific bans of high-level types
The magazine of capacity used in the Arizona massacre.
The McCarthy act will only restore this specific provision.
Everyone said that the United States has no ability to solve any gun-related problems, and we have no ability to develop any policies to solve any problems --
If the solution involves guns.
This bill, however, was once an amendment to something specific that the law allowed to expire --
This seems to be feasible for this matter.
Now joining us is Chris Hayes, editor of National Magazine Washington and contributor to MSNBC.
So you can plant seeds, Chris.
Thank you for your time.
Chris Hayes, MSNBC contributor: you bet.
Rachel, nice to meet you.
MADDOW: Even after this shooting, the common wisdom of the people is that nothing can pass through D. C.
If it's related to a gun
Why does this common wisdom exist?
Hayes: Unlike most common wisdom, it exists because it is based on many realities, and I think there are two aspects.
One is the National Rifle Association NRA, and you know, it is as powerful as it is.
I mean, it has 4.
3 million members and these members are active in the organization and are in contact with the organization.
They pay their dues in this very rare way in today's time.
I mean, you 've seen this spread, especially in the last 10, 20, 30 years, D. C.
In the words of political scientists, this is an association without members.
NRA is very different from this.
These members are real people, they will really call their members of Congress, they will really vote, they will really come to the town hall.
So they were able to mobilize these members very effectively.
The second issue, I think, is the political gains that Democrats have gained from gun control over the past decade, especially among female voters, especially women in the suburbs, I think what they can achieve in this demographic structure runs through their path --
That is to say, what people can attract is basically democratic --
Now the tendency, they believe that there is no marginal benefit in addressing this issue in the constituency.
But, you know, if you're just investigating gun owners.
I mean, I talked to Corey bookers last night about this and you did an investigation into gun owners and they said, you know, people on the terrorist watch list don't
People on the terrorist watch list can now. HAYES: Yes.
MADDOW: but what you can imagine is that you can make legislation narrowly to fill this loophole, for example, or --
Throw away some large-capacity magazines of automatic pistols, as we have seen in this massacre.
You can make things tight enough that even most gun owners will support them, don't you?
You can.
But the problem is-
To be abstract, most gun owners might support it, right?
But what happens next, the NRA will oppose it.
There are two reasons why the NRA will lobby against it: first, they are a largest organization.
They took a ban on entry.
They're extremists.
I mean, you know, D. C.
They managed to kill people by voting or some criminal conviction act for animal abuse because they thought some provisions would threaten gun rights.
So the NRA will oppose it.
Then you come across a situation where who will the gun owner trust?
Will they trust the people who made this bill?
Will they trust you, me and others?
Is the editorial page of The New York Times or Democratic politicians, or will they listen to the NRA?
They whisper in their ears and say they want to get your gun.
That is why it is so difficult to pass these bills.
I refuse to believe this.
I believe in your argument and I don't believe in your conclusion either.
Chris Hayes, editor of National Washington, a contributor to MSNBC --thank you, sir.
Thanks, Rachel.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
MADDOW: Thank you for joining us on MSNBC this extraordinary evening in the US.
Our report continues with Lawrence O'Donnell's "Last Word ".
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