What is raw material for water heater pump in HICOOL?
The raw materials for water heater pump are related to the unique production technology of our products. It can't be unveiled here. Commitment is that the source and quality of raw materials are reliable. We have established long-term relationships with a number of raw material suppliers. Controlling the quality of raw materials is as important as controlling the quality of finished products.

HUIZHOU Huizhou Hicool Climate Equipment Co., Ltd CLIMATE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD has been focused on producing high-end split system heating and cooling since its inception. We will show you the heat pump cooling series that is most popular with customers. An experienced quality control team inspects the quality of this product. Opticlimate two-stage evaporation system is patented. Unlike the traditional lights which emit light using a filament heated by an electric current, this product emits illumination through a method called electroluminescence. This means it consumes less electricity, helping to reduce electricity use. Hicool's opticlimate packaged unit achieves more stable and efficient performance.

Our acceptance is: water source heat pump for sale. Inquire!
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