8 energy efficiency strategies for homes in hot places - most efficient air source heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-05
8 energy efficiency strategies for homes in hot places  -  most efficient air source heat pump
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Geothermal or soil source heat pump (GHP)
: Geothermal heat pumps can be used for heating and cooling.
This system takes energy from the ground and uses it to cool or heat your space.
The performance coefficient of GHP is generally 4;
This means that it is 400% efficient.
The video below clearly explains the system.
For more information on GHPs, see the following sources: International Association of soil source heat pumps.
How GHP works: 2.
Photovoltaic shade: basically, a typical shadow or excess is used instead of a shading window, with a photoelectric effectPV)
The panel is colored.
This offers a double benefit: Shadows and electricity.
Install photovoltaic panels where they will not be blocked to take full advantage of the Sun and the South
Tilt at an angle of latitude.
For example, the CA coordinates in San Francisco are 37. 8Ëš N, and 122.
The W-N represents latitude and W represents longitude.
Therefore, the PV panel on the roof will be tilted South at the age of 37. 8Ëš. 3.
PV board on the roof: the benefit of not placing PV on the roof (
It makes sense because of space requirements and non-space requirementsshaded area)
Is the source of electricity in your home.
Credit: Windows: Install high R-
Value, low solar thermal gain coefficient (SHGC)windows.
SHGC is a number from 0 to 1 that describes the heat transmitted through a window;
The lower the number, the lower the amount of heat transmitted. High R-
In order to protect your home and keep the cool air out, the values are necessary!
Common examples are double-pane low-
Glass windows.
They are usually the most expensive.
The presence of various Windows is valid.
Credit: Window of innovation: SunGuard PVGU. [4170]
This is a window to integrate photovoltaic cells into it.
Their SHGC is very low and R is great toovalue.
So provide good insulation and low heat permeability and generate electricity!
Credit: vacuum tube water heater: This system is installed to heat the water.
The only downside is that it produces hot water when the sun comes out
So there's not much hot water at night and in the morning!
However, this will definitely reduce the cost of hot water for washing machines, dishwashers, showers, etc. during the day.
Working Principle of evacuation water heater: 7.
Shadows: try adding shadows to the South
Face as many windows as possible with highlight/shadow.
The south side is the most sunny place all day.
You want to avoid all the sunshine coming into the house. 8.
Ventilation: moving air is another way to cool the space.
Install ceiling or floor fans where there is no large amount of airflow.
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