are air source heat pumps a threat to geothermal heat pump suppliers? - in a heat pump

by:HICOOL     2019-09-02
are air source heat pumps a threat to geothermal heat pump suppliers?  -  in a heat pump
Geothermal heat pump last year (GHP)
Manufacturers have introduced new heat pumps with breaks
Direct efficiency based on variables
Speed compressor technology.
These manufacturers include renewable energy sources for water heaters (
TSX: WFI, OTC: wypf)
And ClimateMaster, the industry of LSB (NYSE:LXU).
Variable speed compressor technology for air source and ground source is not limited to geothermal heat pump (
Also known as soil source heat pump or geoexchange)
: It first finds the method of poor relatives who are usually considered to be underground water sources: air source heat pump (ASHP).
Both types of heat pumps use a refrigeration cycle that draws heat from the outside in the winter to heat the building and from the inside in the summer to cool the building.
GHPs uses a large circle of buried pipes to exchange heat with the ground, while ASHPs uses the above-
Ground fan and heat exchanger assembly similar to the traditional whole house air conditioning evaporator (see photo. )
Before the advent of the inverter compressor technology, the air source heat pump is only suitable for a mild climate, as the heating performance drops rapidly at temperatures below 40 degrees F (see chart)
The Earth's near constant temperature allows GHPs to operate efficiently under any climatic condition.
Now, the most effective ASHP models start to lose significant heating efficiency at 5 degrees Fahrenheit, a change that makes them practical in most parts of the United States.
Using variable speed technology, these devices are now suitable for heating climates where temperatures are occasionally below 0 ° f, although they may require some form of backup heat.
At the same time, the improved technology makes the efficiency of the best gas source heat pump equivalent to the efficiency of many GHPs, especially in the climate without tai chi end.
Although even the best ASHPs are still much less efficient than the best GHPs, from the distribution of ground loops and (in some cases)
The duct means that in many cases, where GHPs or conventional heating used to be the only viable option, ASHPs is an economical option.
In a recent article, Mark Rosenbaum, engineering director at Martha Vineyard Nanshan, Massachusetts, said that in the past few years, almost every building he built uses ASHPs almost entirely.
There are, of course, some warnings.
Rosenbaum specializes in very high performance, Super
Insulated building.
He also taught a course on designing networks.
Zero energy building
Even with super-
He uses other heat sources in larger buildings.
I am renovating a 1930 farmhouse I bought two years ago. I've spray-
Foam the basement and attic and improve the overall building envelope through air sealing, it is expected that the envelope will continue to be improved in the future.
I was able to install four Mitsubishi ASHPs in the most important rooms without having to abandon the internal space for import.
It cost me about $10,000 after utilities and tax rebates, saving me about $1,000 to $2,000 in annual energy costs.
A similar GHP System saves me $2,000 to $3,000 a year, but after utilities and tax rebates it costs about $30,000.
In my opinion, the additional $1,000 saved each year does not seem to be sufficient to justify the additional $20,000 cost, as I expect to be able to sell out in less than a decade, these two systems significantly increase the value of the home by adding air conditioning.
Scott lanhorst, an alternative energy expert at Stone Ridge senior radiation Design in New York, said he did not see ASHPs and GHPs as direct competitors.
GHPs "is usually only installed on a minimum square foot house with multiple rooms that require direct heating.
This compact ultra-insulated home with Rosenbaum's discovery "[many]climates. . .
It is usually possible to heat with an area unit. . .
In the main space.
As long as the doors of other rooms remain open, the temperature of these rooms is usually within 2 degrees F [main space].
"Slankhorst, an air source heat pump supplier, said that the most effective air source unit came from Mitsubishi (OTC:MSBHY)
And Fujitsu.
The latter is easier to install, but the Mitsubishi system can work with Honeywell (NYSE:HON)
Wireless programmable thermostat.
This can be accessed via web or mobile devices, which is useful in buildings with multiple units.
After discovering the limited programmable nature of the Mitsubishi unit factory controller, I installed Honeywell thermostats in addition to installing them for my boiler, and I now control them through the same interface.
Conclusion while in the case of renovation, as well as smaller, better insulated buildings and less extreme climate, variable-speed air source heat pumps can compete with geothermal heat pumps, GHPs is still the most effective way to heat and cool buildings. If super-
Insulated small buildings used to be the standard way to build homes, and geothermal heat pump manufacturers like water heaters and LSB may have a fear of heat source heat pumps.
Fortunately for the GHP manufacturer, but unfortunately for the rest of us, there is still a long way to go on this day.
Note: I have a very long position in the Water Boiler, cash shortage on LSB (
Effective long positions)
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