as the climate warms, it could actually be generating more cold outbreaks in the usa. here’s how - how to make air cooler at home

by:HICOOL     2019-07-09
as the climate warms, it could actually be generating more cold outbreaks in the usa. here’s how  -  how to make air cooler at home
The polar vortex of November?
Yes, it will embrace most of the eastern part of the United States. S.
Get ready for the next week.
Joe Bastardi, WeatherBELL, explained.
Photo: It's a warm world where we can all go skiing. Sort of.
Photo source: Joshua Lott/Getty Images/AFPSource: Global warming may make some parts of the world colder.
Yes, you read it right.
That's why it's not a crazy thing.
This week, intense cold weather broke out in parts of the United States.
In some ways, it's similar to last year.
Called polar vortex
The cold Arctic air conveyor belt has been parked in most parts of the United States for several days.
This week's cold wave is much weaker, but it again raises questions about the widely accepted global warming.
The logic of skeptics is understandable: if the weather is so cold, how can the world warm up?
Catch some rays on the beach in Chicago.
Photo by Raymond Boyd/Getty Images: earlier this year, Getty Images Magazine gave a good explanation of all this.
Let's explain a little bit here, but here's how their theory of polar vortex works: 1.
The sea ice in the Arctic is disappearing, leaving the dark open water. 2.
Water absorbs more heat from the sun than reflects ice. 3.
Relatively warm sea water is the main reason why the Arctic is warming much faster than the rest of the Earth. 4.
As the temperature difference between the northern and more temperate latitudes of the polar region decreases, a high-
The horizontal strong winds known as the "jet stream" weaken. 5.
For a more technical description, the jet stream keeps all weather systems in place.
Most of the time, it keeps the cold things in the north and the warm things in the South. 6.
But a weakened jet stream can develop into what was then called a "twist ".
Time reported that during the polar vortex, the unusually large distortion in the jet stream caused all Arctic air to flow further south than normal.
Statistics show that most people are reluctant to listen for half the time most stories are, so we think this penguin may encourage you to fight all the way.
Source: supply so this is your theory.
The weather is colder due to the indirect result of World warming.
Or as AccuWeather senior meteorologist Dan pydynoski told USA Today.
"This is a similar pattern.
The jet stream squeezes and releases Arctic air from the circulation over the Arctic.
Cold air is coming.
Closer to home, there is another example of how warming has a seemingly contradictory effect.
Scientists believe that higher temperatures will not only lead to increased snowfall in Antarctica, but also more sea ice.
The basic theory is that the glacier melts a little colder than the water it flows.
This means that the ocean around the mainland is more likely to freeze.
The crew of the Australian Aurora should read the story.
Source: The bottom line of news restrictions here is that, no matter how serious, several cold outbreaks in the United States do not mean that the world is not warming.
According to almost every famous scientific institution, including our own Weather Bureau, the world is definitely warming, which says Australia's climate is warming by 0.
Since 1910, the temperature has been 9 ℃, with more extreme high temperature and less extreme cool.
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