can a cool mist humidifier be used in the summer? - evaporative room air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-07-07
can a cool mist humidifier be used in the summer?  -  evaporative room air conditioner
According to MayoClinic, the cool mist humidifier is used to treat nasal and chest congestion caused by common colds, allergies or sinus infections. com.
In spring and summer, when the amount of pollen and mold reaches the highest value of each year, the air conditioner is removing moisture from the air, using a cool mist humidifier.
The sinus cavity consists of sensitive tissue that is prone to inflammation when stimulated by dry air.
The cool mist humidifier also helps to relieve the swollen sinus cavity by providing better breathing through the nose.
There are three different types: Ultrasonic, Wick-
Based on and vaporizer.
The ultrasonic humidifier uses sound waves to break down water particles into small particles inserted into the air.
The ultrasonic humidifier is quiet and will produce obvious fog. Wick-
The humidifier uses a sponge-like water-absorbing core.
The fan blows on the wick, creating an invisible fog.
The vaporizer uses a rotating disk to distribute water into the air.
Using a cool mist humidifier during the summer increases moisture without increasing the temperature in the room.
According to MayoClinic, the cool mist humidifier is also cheaper than the warm one. com.
The warm mist humidifier contains heating elements, which boil the water and produce steam.
Operating with electricity, the cost of heating elements is higher.
The cool mist humidifier is also equipped with a soft fan for white noise.
Summer is considered. in summer, the air conditioner can dry the air of the whole house.
Dry air can cause inflammation and swelling of the sinus, resulting in nasal complications.
Dry air also causes itchy eyes and itchy throat.
Summer warmth also promotes the growth of mold spores and pollen, which can lead to common seasonal allergies.
Proper humor.
Net says the humidity of sinus health should be between 35% and 50%.
Purchase humidistat to observe and maintain proper moisture levels in the room.
If the humidity rises too much, mold and bacteria will grow and make you sick.
Cool mist humidifier needs to be cleaned every day.
More than 24 water left the basin-
An hour can be dangerous.
Wash the parts of the humidifier using 10% bleach, 90% aqueous solution.
Once the filter or Wick is discolored, it will be replaced approximately once a month if it continues to be used.
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