champion gadabout - portable evaporative coolers - what's a evaporative cooler

by:HICOOL     2019-08-22
champion gadabout - portable evaporative coolers  -  what's a evaporative cooler
If you are going to buy a new portable evaporation cooler soon, or what many call a swamp cooler, I would like to make a few suggestions.
The champion cooler company has made five models in their Gadabout series and you will find it a good choice.
Each of these models meets the special needs from the minimum model champion M150 to the maximum model champion m500.
I will mention some of the features of each of the five models.
There are dozens of businesses selling champion portable coolers online and shipping them to your home or business.
I do recommend checking the prices and shipping costs for several of these businesses as prices can change a lot.
Go to Google or Yahoo and type in "swamp cooler online" and you'll find a lot of businesses listed.
The businesses list the features and pictures for each model.
I will mention some features that I like.
The champion M150 is the smallest cattle about model.
It is similar in shape to a box-type fan but is about 17 inch thick.
This model has a handle on the casters for easy movement.
The fan has a motor of 1/8 horsepower with a speed of 3.
Although the power of this motor is very small, it can provide 1100 CFM at high speed.
Champion M201 is a larger model that, like most Gadabout models, is more of a cube shape.
This model, along with the next three models that I will describe, is usually used in garages and work stores.
It is also on casters like all other add-on units.
The cooler can be used in a cooling area of 700 square feet.
The champion M301 is the next gadmodel model, slightly larger.
The weight of this model is about 100 pounds, which may be too large for a household portable cooler.
It has a 2 speed motor and cooling up to 1000 square feet.
The champion M401 got bigger again.
The M401 will cool up to 1400 square feet with a 4-directional grille with easy-to-move blades.
The biggest Gadabout model is the champion m500.
Even though the car weighs 195 pounds and, like any other bull cart, it's on casters and can be moved easily in your store.
With the champion M500 cooler you will be able to cool a large area.
Its HP, 2 speed motor offers 5000 CFM.
This model also has an easy-to-move 4-way grille for the blade.
The champion M500 has two other features compared to many other portable evaporation coolers.
It has a 47 gallon tank with more cooling time between refills.
It also comes with a 20 feet power cord with GFCI safety plug.
As you can see, the champion Gado cooler is made for a variety of situations and needs.
Not only did I use the champion evaporation cooler product, I also took the time to visit the champion factory and watch them produce the product.
I suggest you consider the champion cooler.
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