evaporative coolers for kitchen hood makeup air - room evaporative air coolers

by:HICOOL     2019-08-04
evaporative coolers for kitchen hood makeup air  -  room evaporative air coolers
Why do you need to install makeup air on the kitchen hood?
In most kitchens, it is necessary to remove heat, steam and grease from the oven and stove.
This makes it necessary to install an exhaust fan from the hood to remove heat, steam and grease.
These exhaust fans usually remove thousands of CFM (
Cubic feet per minute)
The air in the kitchen.
If no makeup air is provided, the air taken out of the kitchen will be removed from the air conditioner in the room.
This means that your air conditioner will cool the air in the kitchen and then it will run out to the outside.
Use makeup air delivered to the hood of the kitchen to save energy and money.
What is the most common way to provide this makeup air?
Most of the time you will see what some call an evaporation cooler or a swamp cooler.
They are called this because they actually cool the air with water before supplying it into the building.
If you use these coolers to supply makeup air, there is no need to supply water for the equipment.
This air supply is not air conditioning space into the building, but only makeup air for the hood.
Most kitchen hoods require 3000 to 5000 cubic feet or cubic feet of air per minute to provide this makeup air.
You can buy some very cheap evaporation coolers to provide this makeup air.
Many people use an evaporation cooler purchased from Grainger to provide this makeup air.
When buying these coolers, is Grainger the best option for dealers?
Let me help you with this decision.
You need a cooler that provides about 5000 CFM for your kitchen cover.
You can purchase this from Grainger of Project No. 2YAE3, which is Essick N55/65 S.
The price of this cooler is $823. 00.
The same item purchased from an online company like swampcoolonline.
Com costs less than $700. 00.
Now let's calculate the final total.
The purchase price of this model from Grainger is $823.
00 plus sales tax of about $68.
A total of $891. 00.
Buy the same unit from the state extranet and you don't pay sales tax.
But you need to pay about $130 for shipping. 00.
This brings online transactions to $829. 00. You pay $62.
When you buy the same item online, 00 less.
You can enjoy a 7% discount on online shopping.
If I can get the same product these days and put in $62.
I have 00 in my pocket. I'll take it.
You should buy a swamp cooler online.
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