fresh ideas for home makeover - heat pump unit prices

by:HICOOL     2019-09-05
fresh ideas for home makeover  -  heat pump unit prices
A mesh metal arch, a rusty steel plate, a hanging bulb, or an abandoned piece of plywood can be part of the design of your house.
Whether it's modern, modern or rustic, the perfect Live' 15-and-
Lifestyle Exhibition is a place to offer fresh ideas and innovative designs for families. The four-
The day exhibition of Putra World Trade Center will end tomorrow and is the source of home products and home design ideas from well-known exhibitors such as Alvin Meng, director of interior concept and creativity in Alva.
"By hanging a yellow bulb on a screen with a black and white background, it gives a modern style
The retro design of the house, "said Mong.
"The use of bright red brings a strong contrast and funky props to the room, such as large pieces or other decorative items, adding personality to the space.
"Usually, homeowners like the concept of the living room where they entertain their guests," he added . ".
For those who like modern style
Look at the interior design of the product in yuan (M)
Sdn Bhd may raise some ideas.
"For a modern and elegant environment, we use the panel function consisting of three different panels and materials to decorate the living room.
"Hidden lighting gives the living room a sense of the future, while the gray mirror next to the marble panel looks quite elegant," said Zessie Li, a senior designer at the company . ".
Another exhibitor, Jusgreat Sdn Bhd, decorated the booth with raw materials such as furniture made from recycled wood.
The walls are covered with wooden boards and slightly rusty metal plates arranged at different levels.
28-year-old visitor Anna Hasan came to visit with 36-year-old friend AIFA Zakaria and 24-year-old Nuru Mika, who said the exhibition provided products for the whole family.
"I was originally looking for cabinets, but there are a variety of other products as well.
"The price of perfect living 15 is also more affordable compared to the price sold elsewhere.
"It gave me the incentive to renovate the kitchen," she said . ".
David Chan, another 37-year-old tourist, said he found some Ecology
Provide friendly products for his home.
"I'm looking for an ecology.
The fridge is very friendly and there are many options here . "
He Wendi, director of marketing for Electrolux appliances Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and Singapore, said Electrolux is characterized by ecology
Friendly products such as new R410A
Air-inverter series
Air conditioning, heat pump dryer and inspiration instant water heater series.
"The air of the new launch
The air conditioner uses a new cooling gas that can cool the air faster and therefore requires less energy than the normal unit.
"We are still selling heat pump dryers, which can save up to 50% of our energy," she said . ".
The space occupied by more than 450 exhibitors, visitors can expect a lot of discounts and options.
The exhibition time is from ten o'clock A. M. to nine o'clock P. M.
Free admission.
The top 1,000 visitors registered at the show every day will get an original perfect life 'reusable coffee cups.
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