home improvement : cool, but clammy? here's how to prevent it - portable swamp cooler air conditioner

by:HICOOL     2019-08-31
home improvement : cool, but clammy? here\'s how to prevent it  -  portable swamp cooler air conditioner
Problem: our central air conditioning doesn't seem to keep us comfortable as we did before.
We have made our house more efficient over the years, but now it feels a bit cold and wet. What can we do?
A: Your question is not uncommon. your central air conditioner may not be a problem.
Since you have made your house more energy efficient, your air conditioner must now run less in order to keep it cool.
In fact, to meet the cooling needs of your more efficient house, your air conditioner is now oversized.
Therefore, it cannot run long enough for the sake of comfort to fully dehumidify the air.
This usually forces you to lower the thermostat to compensate for it, thus driving up your electricity bill.
You can install a new type of heat pipe heat exchanger in your central air conditioner air processor (
Indoor blower group)
Greatly improve your comfort.
If it's convenient for you to snipe tin, you can install one yourself.
The heat pipe does not use electricity and there are no moving parts.
It just absorbs heat from the air returning to the room before the air reaches the cold air
Adjust the evaporator coil.
If your air conditioner is old, you can install a new integrated high
High efficiency heat pipe/evaporator coil unit.
Heat Pipe Super
When the return air passes through the cold evaporator coil, cool the return air.
As the air becomes very cold, most of the humidity is condensed into water.
The air is dry and comfortable.
This is similar to the way a can of very cold soda in summer.
The other end of the heat pipe is located in the cold air stream that returns the register.
The heat drawn from the return air
Cool it and return cool dry air again on the other side of the coil.
Since the air in your home is not too hot, you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees and still very comfortable.
This can really reduce your summer electricity bill.
Install a new super
Efficient and superquiet room-
The size of the air conditioner can also be effective.
So you can find super
Cool down one or two of your most used rooms.
Set the central air conditioner thermostat a little higher and save overall cost without sacrificing comfort.
You can also have your own air
Air conditioning contractor check air
Traffic through your central system.
By slowing down the blower slightly, the air becomes colder and more humidity is condensed out.
Don't try it yourself without your military advice.
Don't be too slow.
You can write to me at the address below for the utilities update number
425 display product information and manufacturer of dehumidified heat pipes and coils, model and output rating of new super products
Efficient room-
The size of the air conditioner, as well as the diagram of the thermostat setting saving power.
Please include $1. 50 and a self-
Address business-size envelope.
Keep the water heater temperature low Q: What is the proper hot water temperature set on my water heater?
I 've heard that 120 degrees is the lowest, but it seems too hot for showers, especially in the summer.
A: The temperature of 120 degrees is usually used as an effective target.
If you can live comfortably at a lower temperature, put it down.
With cooler water, the wall of the water tank through the water heater, your house loses less heat.
This is a double loss in the summer as your air conditioner runs longer to eliminate wasted heat.
Most of the new dishwashers have a water pre-heater, which is the only device that requires very hot water.
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