how swamp coolers work - how to make air cooler at home

by:HICOOL     2019-07-03
how swamp coolers work  -  how to make air cooler at home
Evaporation cooling basics: from Ben Franklin's underwear to a 1750-pound air conditioner, a scooper in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The temperature reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
As he later wrote in a letter, Benjamin Franklin read and wrote in his room, "there are no other clothes except shirts and a linen trousers, the windows are open, A brisk wind passed through the house.
"Even the founding fathers sweated, and he noticed something when he changed into a dry shirt ---
Compared to the damp shirt he had just taken off, it felt warm like it was on the fire.
He thought for a century.
An old book describing the process of cooling the water bottles in the desert, wrapping them with a wet cloth.
Franklin's theory is that he was not cooled by the heat that blew in from the room, but by the sweat that evaporated from the skin.
Then he did some experiments. -
Wet the bulb of the thermometer with the soul faster than the water evaporates, and then blow the air on it.
So far, he has managed to reduce the temperature, causing the ice on the bulb to freeze [
Source: historical fault seekers].
What he described in his letter was evaporation and cooling.
The liquid evaporates by releasing molecules into the air, from liquid to gas.
When they are suspended in the air, the molecules draw some heat from the hotter air and cool down as the water and air find a balance.
As the temperature increases and the speed increases, the process also cools the remaining liquid
The moving molecules are most likely to escape into the air.
Swamp cooler works by utilizing a cooling reaction-
All you need is a way to spread the present.
The air in the house is cooler and wetter.
Picture of air conditioner--
Really, it's just a sheet metal box outside the window.
In a standard air conditioner, there are some fairly complex refrigerants in it, but with a swamp cooler, it's much simpler.
The main thing inside is a hair dryer. -
Fan at one end of the box, introduce air from the outside and push it into the house at the other end.
Before the air enters the house, it passes through a set of damp mats where it evaporates.
A small pump keeps the mat moist so that the water does not evaporate completely.
It works just as well as Egyptian wool blankets or Ben Franklin's sweaty shirt.
So, what exactly is the swamp cooler compared to the air conditioner?
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