how to beat the heat if you don’t have airconditioning - how to make air cooler at home

by:HICOOL     2019-07-08
how to beat the heat if you don’t have airconditioning  -  how to make air cooler at home
Much of Australia is once again ready for a hot heat wave.
Not everyone has the luxury of air conditioning. . .
Some of us have to use alternative methods.
Source: In the absence of an indication of obvious bleeding, it is currently very hot in some parts of Australia.
Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to live in a magnificent mansion with air conditioning.
So we 've compiled some "hacks" to keep you cool in the heat wave.
The hound knows where it is.
Image source: iStockSource make the most of your fans (If you have one)
* It is important to remember that the fan will cool your body but not the room --
So don't let it open when you leave the room.
* To improve the effectiveness of the fan, spray your face with cold water in your water bottle before sitting in front of the fan.
* You can also place a tray of ice in front of the fan for extra ice burst (
Apartment Therapy shows how it's done.
* A good idea too (
If it's colder outside than inside)
Take the fan out of the open window so it can suck out the heat in the room and blow it out.
Put your pillowcase and top piece in a plastic bag and put the bag in the refrigerator.
Take them out when you're ready to go to bed and when you're trying to fall asleep you'll get a few minutes of delicious cold.
It looks tempting, but it's terrible for the environment. Don’t do it.
Picture: iStockSource: istockHang put a damp sheet or towel on the open window and when the water on the material evaporates it cools the breeze into the room
Cheer for science!
This effect should last until night and only need to be done once or twice during the day.
Try the "Egypt" method when you sleep, which basically includes using wet towels or sheets as blankets when you sleep.
Soak the sheets in the water and then put them into the washing machine while rotating the cycle-
Or just screw it out to stop any dripping water.
This will keep you cool through the magic of potential heat, just like the process of sweating to cool your body.
You need some air circulation in the bedroom for this job, so be sure to open the window.
You can get more information about this method at sleep fans.
Cool your pulse point your body's heat is concentrated around the pulse point, just like your chest and elbow.
The pulse point is the area in the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin, so if you cool the pulse point (
Like behind the knee or behind the wrist)
You can cool your blood faster and make the whole body feel cooler.
Try to start by dipping your feet in a bucket of ice water, or put a cool damp towel on your neck or wrist.
The ice bag at the back of the neck is surprisingly effective.
Picture: iStockSource: istockBe pay attention to what you eat, what small meals you eat, what you often eat.
The larger the amount of meals, the more metabolic calories your body produces, and the food breaks down.
Avoid foods with high protein levels that increase metabolic heat.
Eat chili if you can
It is no coincidence that many people in hot areas of the world eat spicy food.
Spicy food increases sweating and cools the body when it evaporates.
Spicy food is actually a good idea in hot weather.
Image: iStockSource: istockMake takes advantage of the "heat" package you use in winterfilled bags (
Heating in microwave oven in winter as "heating assembly ")
It can be placed in the refrigerator or used as a personal ice bag.
You may be attracted to iced beer or a glass of Bino Grimes, but you should avoid alcohol as it dehydrate your body.
Mineral water is better for you (We know it's boring. .
In addition, avoid caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee and cola.
These increase the metabolic heat in the body.
It's wise to barbecue dinner outdoors.
Picture: iStockSource: istockDon does not have a cold water shower, there is a person who is lukewarm to take a shower or shower, especially before going to bed.
Although it may sound more tempting to take a cold shower, your body will generate heat afterwards to compensate for the heat loss.
When it's cold, get a tip from the colonial Brits
People who love Britain in hot Indiapre-Air conditioning)
They make curtains with natural fabrics.
Such as linen or cotton)
Put the end in a bucket of water.
The water sucked the fabric up and the breeze from the open window blew the cool air into the room.
Turn your thermos into a cold water bottle.
Picture: iStockSource: istockMake is a "Ice Baby" that can be filled with a large plastic bottle (
Or hot water bottle)
Fill and freeze water.
Put it in the pillowcase, or put your feet on it, or sleep with you at night.
Barbecue your dinner outdoors if you can. The last thing you want is the oven or stove in your home, which helps the heat.
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