5 terrible tv shows (that began as great movies) - how to make air cooler at home

by:HICOOL     2019-07-01
5 terrible tv shows (that began as great movies)  -  how to make air cooler at home
There are many ways to find inspiration if you want to create a TV show.
You can take the modern route and look for the next one on the printed page.
You can even make a sequel to an old show and pretend that people will still care.
If you want to be a jerk, you can sit down and write an original script based on original ideas and make an original show.
But it's stupid.
Or, you can try to complete one of the most difficult challenges of all Hollywood movies: turning a movie into a good TV show.
Try often and rarely succeed.
When you read this, the movie becomes a TV show.
But, from the record, the best of these shows is two. sentence-
Long bars on the original movie Wikipedia page.
Most people are very bad and they are soon forgotten.
However, you can't run from the Internet.
It knows all the embarrassing things you 'd rather forget, including Hollywood's countless failed attempts --to-TV adaptation.
I can only hope that all the upcoming TV adaptations will not be as bad as they are now. . .
5 clerk: in the sitcom filmed in 1995, Kevin Smith found that the TV version of his classic independent comedy was in the process of casting.
It was not until that moment that he knew that someone was adapting the films he created, produced, directed and edited ---
A TV series.
A pilot was finally filmed.
It doesn't include a member of the original film actor, the characters are cleaner and more TV
Be friendly and make them harderto-relate-
The version of their film counterparts.
Smith's patent is vulgar, refreshing conversation, and feels more like a family performing on a stage in the middleschool-
The older boy's bathroom is missing and replaced by the usual sitcom setup and laughs, so the only way to say someone tells a joke is to wait for the inevitable laugh.
Everything about the Smith movie was burned down and replaced by a strip shop.
This is a perfect example of what happens when you try to disinfect a mainstream audience with a small, rough, underground sound and opinion.
After hearing the show, Smith tried to participate by writing a script for the episode. . .
Rejected by the producer.
Still, his script won't be filmed even if they really like it.
The show has never passed the pilot episode.
Look, you will see why: Casablanca 4 (1955)
Casablanca (1983)
Whenever movie lovers try to quantify the "best movie ever" debate, they end up with and at the top of the list.
It is widely regarded as one of the best examples of film production and screenwriting ever, so, of course, TV producers think they can replicate the lightning of Casablanca --in-a-
Quality levels throughout the TV season. Twice.
In 1955, 13 years after the film was released, it was the first attempt at television adaptation.
Many actors who play a secondary role in the film are brought back to play a larger role in the play.
In the film, Marcel Dario plays a small part of the roulette table operator.
In this play, he played the role of Captain Renault, one of the most important characters in the story.
The show is a prequel to the film, which lasted only 10 episodes before people realized they didn't want to watch it for 10 hours.
Human beings are constantly wandering on the edge of madness, doing the same stupid things over and over again, and expecting different results, and this evidence appears in the form of a second performance, which is 1983.
If the post-80 program bet that the post-50 program will be canceled within five episodes, it will win.
So far, the film has been listed as one of the greatest films of all time.
Generations grew up with it in their lives.
There was no chance of 1984 performance attempts.
It doesn't help much, like the '50 s show, it's also a prequel that happened about a year before the movie event.
The sequel to "coward.
Bill and Ted's great adventures after two films and after the short film
Live animated TV series, but long ago before the comic book currently running
There are rumors of the third film, and at some point after breakfast cereal expired, there was a live broadcast
Action TV series
Even as a big fan of the movie, I'm still wondering why the franchise of the film goes far beyond the screen, extending to our TV screen and stomach, and eventually to our toilet.
Bill and Ted don't need to be eaten, they become one.
Children's logs across North America.
The show, which aired in Fox on 1992, lasted a full seven episodes before the inevitable cancellation.
I said it was inevitable because the show was endless from the first minute.
On YouTube, every 22-
One episode in minutes is divided into five episodes. minute chucks.
Each of these clips feels like the length of a feature film with an old man drowning in jam.
They have to have only eight pages of the script, but fill it out for 22 minutes because each action, every line and every clip is a little longer than making up for the difference.
The actors who play TV Bill and Ted and the people who play Harry and Lloyd have the same problem: they do a good job, which is obviously a case of a bad fan that the dark wizard has brought to fic.
Their chemistry is comparable to the explosion in the meth lab.
Every second of the show feels like it's a blatant cash grab.
There is a clause in the contract between Fox and the production company that states that the show will only be put into production if box office revenue drops.
Indeed, the audience waiting for a new episode every Sunday night had to sit for a full seven weeks first, and the two guys were so stupid that they couldn't understand how they had broken the Earth's schedule
Technically, there are two ferrybler shows that can be broadcast.
What you'll realize a little bit is that Ferris bleer lippoff, .
The other one is the official Ferriss boule TV show with a fantastic title.
Both films premiered in August 1990.
Lasted for three full seasons, and it was a huge s ** t that should have been burned by Stakes and spit on by passers-by after the pilot was driving, but actually lasted 13 episodes-all of which .
I don't know why you did this.
Everything was terrible, with a special emphasis on the guy who played Ferris.
In this movie, Ferris Bueller is almost fabulous cool.
He's a teenage God.
He is the man every high school male wants to be.
He's a suburban Prince Charming in his 1980 s.
He is a smart, unflattering little twerp on the show.
It shows a tight-
The character is a rope walk and how good he is played by Matthew Broderick. A quarter-
There are too many of these or those ways, and Ferris has dropped sharply from a charming height to the depths of the punch --
Can boast.
The first scene of the show is television.
Ferris took the chainsaw to Matthew Broderick's Cardboard cut, claiming he was too "white bread" to play with Ferris: If from no --
The famous actor has introduced the only iconic interpretation of the character, but has not immediately become the scariest, most embarrassing, and most authentic white bread opening ceremony in the history of television: the show can foresee how scary and outdated its opening title will be in a few years, so, before anyone can get there, it starts to imitate.
Ferris's sister made it all worse.
Like the movie, Jenny boule has a huge stick on her ass and she doesn't understand why everyone likes Ferris.
But in the play, she was played by Jennifer Aniston four years ago.
Whenever she shares a scene with Ferris, she sends out the cool "it factor" the show should have, but not at all.
That's how bad the show is: ferris 'uncool tight-assed, wet-
Sister blanket is colder than Ferris.
1 Mortal Kombat: it is difficult for conquestt to understand ows and whys and oh-dear-God-
But at some point in human history, one saw two films in the 1990 s, thinking that the world needed to be punished every week by a new film.
More difficult to understand: the person told the second more powerful person the idea, the person (
To be fair, it may burn in hell now)
I thought it was a great idea, then pushed a child to the palm of the hand and crushed a beautiful flower.
So it was born.
After that, you need to write a script.
So, some foam plastic stones and a round house kick
Write the script and write yourself into every scene.
Every episode is directed by sugar.
On 1993, 13-year-old rush boner rubbed on the arcade cabinet.
Actors need to be hired, so no actors are hired.
The filling of the character is mainly based on the hairstyle when people flip their hair.
All in all, it all feels like a Cinemax softcore porn movie where they replace sex scenes with video.
If you really want to know what the show looks like, here are five
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